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Founded Kumsung Junggi(address: Anam-dong, Seongbuk-gu)
Developed and manufactured purification and auto packing machine for the first time in Korea- provided
      products to each pharmacist(Korea Eundan, etc.)
Developed the filler for the first time in Korea- provided product to each food company(liquid, drink and
Changed company name into Kumsung Machine Industry(location: Hwigyeong-dong, Dongdaemun-gu)
      Began auto powder packing machine for each medical product
Began the manufacture of Ration packing machine in Vietnam War - provided products to Sinheung Flour
      Industry of Daejeon
Began the manufacture of soup, seasoning, ginseng tea and mycin packing machine- provided products
      to each domestic pharmacist and food company
Began transaction with Lotte CQ
Began the manufacture of red pepper paste, cosmetic and shampoo auto packing machine
Provided product to Sempio Foods Company, each seasoning company and Amorepacific Corporation.
Changed company name into Handok Auto Machine (location: Sungin-dong, Jongno-gu - Technical
      cooperation with Japanese company
Appointed as quality improvement company by the Ministry of Commerce, Employment and Trade.
Incorporated company to Handok Auto Machine Co., Ltd.(constructed factory in Pungmu-ri, Gimpo-eup,
      Gimpo-gun, Gyeonggi-do)
Technical cooperation with Japanese Tokiwa, Actra and Suzuki
Developed and manufactured stick auto packing machine and high-speed auto packing machine for the
      first time in Korea - provided products to domestic pharmacists, cosmetic companies, electronic product
      companies and other OEM companies(medical product, powder granule, snack, farming product,
      instant noodle, bread, seasoning, cosmetic, candy)
Participated in SEOUL PACK 89 Fair.
Technical cooperation with French TECHNI MECA
Developed and manufactured carton auto packing machine for the first time in Korea - provided product to
      each pharmacist and food company
Participated in SEOUL PACK 91 Fair
Exported auto packing machine to Southeastern Asia, Nigeria and USA
Participated in 93 Korean Machine Fair
Exported auto packing machine to Soviet Union, Indonesia and China
Participated in 94 Korea Packing Machine Fair
Developed and manufactured ZIPPER BAG auto packing machine - provided product to Jeil
Developed and manufactured BUBBLE GUM auto packing machine - provided large amount of products
      to Indonesia
Participated in International Packing Machine Fair of Jakarta, Indonesia
Participated in International Packing Machine Fair of Malaysia(FAM)
Launched internet service for the first time in industry in 1996.
Launched web service and digital station service on the basis of customer service in 2000.
Participated in Seoul International Packing Machine Fair and Southeast Asia Fair
Acquired patent for 3 Side Ceiling-Rotary Type High Speed Powder Packing Machine.
Exported products to North & Middle America, Southeast Asia, Ukraine, China, Middle East, etc.